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Bishop Nicholas RidleyThe Death and Doctrine of Nicholas Ridley

by Garry Williams

Dr. Garry Williams examines the death and doctrine of Nicholas Ridley, with particular regard to his view of the Lord's Supper.

Ridley was a careful theologian who took pains to properly define and distinguish the real questions at issue, studiously examined the Bible to exegete the relevant texts, was aware of the tradition (especially the Church Fathers), and avoided unnecessary over-reactions in what was literally a heated debate.

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Garry WilliamsAbout the Author

Garry Williams is Academic Dean and Tutor in Church History and Doctrine at Oak Hill Theological College, and on the advisory Editorial Board of The Theologian.

This talk was first given at a Protestant Truth Society event and is available here with the author's permission. Thanks to David Phillips of Church Society for cleaning up the recording.