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The BibleThe Law in the Life of a Christian

Four talks on the Ten Commandments

by Dr Peter Jensen

With characteristic clarity, wit, and application, the Archbishop of Syndey unwraps the controversial issue of the role of the Old Testament Law in the life of a Christian believer. With preliminary thoughts on the theology of relating the Law to the New Covenant, these four talks unpack the Ten Commandments for today with penetrating and often uncomfortable application. These talks were originally given at The Maselspoort Clergy and Christian Workers Conference for the Church of England in South Africa in 2006.

Click on the links below to listen to the talks now, or right-click and "Save Target As" to save on your computer for listening later...

Talk 1 "The Role of the Law in the Life of a Christian"

Talk 2 "Moses: Dead and Alive (including Commandments 1-3)"

Talk 3 "Love of Neighbour (Commandments 5-9)"

Talk 4 "Coveting and the Sabbath (Commandments 4 & 10)"

Each file is between 11-14 MB and lasts between 45-60 minutes.

Peter JensenAbout the Author

The Right Reverend Dr. Peter F. Jensen is the Archbishop of Sydney, Australia and formerly Principal of Moore Theological College in Syndey.